Jewellery Workshops in Barrie

Jewellery Workshops at Bliss Jewellery Studio in Barrie


Learn – Create – Have Fun!

Create with us at our full-service studio! Learn to make jewellery and take your skills to the next level.

Bliss Jewellery Studio has workshops for all skill levels with a variety of creative projects and beautiful pieces to take home. Whether you are exploring a new skill on your own, treating yourself to self-care, or want to enjoy a fun, creative experience with your friends and family, our studio has everything you need!

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    Discover the benefits of taking jewellery workshops at Bliss Jewellery studio:

    • Workshops are taught by skilled instructors.
    • 1:4 teacher to student ratio with individual attention to each person.
    • Step-by-step guidance to help you learn at your own pace.
    • Fun, inclusive, and safe environment to learn a new skill.
    • Full-service studio with all the tools you will need on hand.
    • Materials are included for most workshops.
    • Workshops are available in the evening, daytime, and weekends.
    • Customized private parties for up to 8 people.

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    Nicole Antaya-Fraser
    Nicole Antaya-Fraser
    My mom passed away in July 2023 and left me a beautiful gold bangle she wore since she was very young. As beautiful as it was, it wasn't quite my style. I brought it to Jenn and she transformed it into this stunning classic bangle which I have been wearing ever since! Furthermore, there was some left over gold from the bangle which Jenn used to make a gorgeous custom ring! If you would like a gorgeous custom piece, I would highly recommend making an appointment with Jenn at Bliss Jewellery.
    Judy Shaw
    Judy Shaw
    I really enjoyed the meditation ring workshop. I am proud of the ring that I made. The instruction and help were right on the mark. It was very fun.
    Neeraj Nair
    Neeraj Nair
    We did a wedding band workshop with Jenn where we asked her to make some unique rings - Jenn was very accommodating to this and despite our messups, our rings came out looking absolutely fantastic. Jen is a great guide and teacher as well and explained each step. Highly recommend!
    Farzin Mou
    Farzin Mou
    We scoured the GTA looking for the perfect class to make our own wedding bands and we're ecstatic to have come across Jenn and Bliss Jewellery. I was particularly nervous about the experience and whether the rings would turn out and I'm happy to report that they look like they were professionally made (despite me being the least handy person out there)! I wanted a particularly challenging design for my ring and Jenn did an excellent job coaching my partner through the process. She was patient, kind, and made us feel so comfortable throughout the entire day. If you're on the fence, DEFINITELY do it!
    If you’re considering taking one of the classes that Bliss Jewellery offers, I highly recommend it! It’s more than worth it. I took a beginner’s lapidary class and had a wonderful experience while learning a lot! Jennifer is a very knowledgeable, patient, and kind teacher. She went above and beyond to make sure that each student went home with multiple beautiful pieces that we all loved. Thank you so much Jenn!
    Lisa Greenlaw
    Lisa Greenlaw
    I attended the stackable ring class at Bliss Jewellery. A fantastic class! Jenn is highly knowledgeable and and a great teacher. Both instructors were patient, kind and helpful. As a beginner with no experience I was worried but I was walked through the whole process and given undivided attention throughout. The studio is well equipped and I liked that safety for students and staff was always a main priority. I left with beautiful pieces and lots of information. I highly recommend this class! Looking forward to taking another class in the future.
    Lesley Ciarletti
    Lesley Ciarletti
    Jenn and her colleagues are the best! They guided my family party through a fun, creative experience and kept us all safe. We had both a one month old baby and my 85 year old mom with us! Everyone left with the most beautiful rings crafted themselves. And the best family memories. This was my third workshop and I’ll definitely be back! Thanks Jenn🙏🏼
    Julie Allegri
    Julie Allegri
    After searching for an experienced reliable and creative local jeweller to assist me with the process of redesigning both some estate pieces and my own wedding rings, I thankfully discovered Jennifer at Bliss Jewellery. From our first appointment together, I knew I'd found the right person for the job! Jennifer was the most patient friendly and knowledgeable person and I felt completely comfortable working with her. She was generous with her time and suggestions, and made the process of reinventing some very sentimental pieces of jewellery, a truly memorable experience. As a result, not only am I extremely happy with the end results of all the projects I submitted to Jennifer, but I leave feeling we've given new life to those special pieces, and now, they're even more enjoyable to wear! Thank you so much Jennifer! I appreciate your artistic creativity and your love for your craft. Its been a pleasure friend!
    Sue Hodgins
    Sue Hodgins
    Highly recommend!!! I went in for a consultation with several projects in mind! Jen took me in stride, many ideas and all 😉 My main reason was to build a ‘life ring’ from some older unused pieces, plus a couple of stacker rings for my other hand I came away with a fantastic piece that I will wear all the time !!! The process was very inclusive to make sure the direction we were heading in was working on all fronts! He has her customer service down to an art form! Try her if you are thinking to update your jewelry, you won’t be sorry!

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