I launched make your own wedding ring workshops at my old studio in Barrie in March 2019. I had a huge waitlist of couples eager to make their future spouses Wedding rings and then you know – Covid happened.  The world stopped and weddings ground to a halt.  Here we are in 2024 and Wedding ring workshops have finally kicked back in again. 

I LOVE doing make your own wedding ring workshops.  I have met some amazing couples and I love hearing their love stories.  Chatting with couples during the consultation I can really get a sense of what they want from the experience and I do my best to customize it to their needs the best I can. 

Watching couples make their own wedding rings is so rewarding.  You can see how important it is that they do the very best job they can.  Most are nervous about the process and wonder if the ring they make will be good enough.  That’s why we always do a practice ring first in silver so when we do them in gold is so much easier!  This has eliminated a lot of the stress and people feel far more confident the 2nd time around.  The nice thing is that a lot of people use the silver one as a spare band to wear on holiday if they are concerned about losing their good set while away.

Wedding ring workshops are so much more than just making each other’s wedding rings.  The memories from the day are something that will last as long as their rings do.  Couples share a unique and special experience together and I love being a very small part of that.  Private workshops just for the couple allow them the opportunity to savor this special time together and really enjoy it without having to share it with anyone else.