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Custom Engagement Ring | Close Collaboration Is Key To Success

by | Dec 3, 2017 | Custom Bridal, Gold, Materials, Stones

Working with someone to create something unique is always a fun proposition.  However trying to match a final product with someone’s vision can be incredibly difficult; especially when you’re working with someone who really knows what they want but we haven’t quite been able to capture what they envision either in CAD or on paper.

This past year I had the opportunity to work with a customer who wanted the “perfect” alternative engagement ring.  It was inspired by a few different antique rings he liked and his girlfriend’s love of Marie Antoinette.  We met a few times, exchanged some pictures, talked about budget/stones and put the plan into motion.

We went through several sketches and CAD designs over the next few months before we found the right one.  To be honest the style was completely different from anything I had ever done previously so it was a learning curve for both of us.   We went through 4 versions before we were both satisfied with the design and the structural integrity of the ring.  Even though it was a very time consuming process it was crucial that this ring meet both of our high quality standards.

In the end the ring was magnificent with a beautiful blue sapphire center stone, desired design elements and world class engraving, definitely worth the wait! Both he and his now fiancé were thrilled with the end result, and now have a unique, personalized piece they could never have found in a jewellery store.  I have realized that there is no end to what I need to learn in this business and that it would take many lifetimes to learn it all.  I love what I do and being challenged by a client to match desire with reality makes it even more interesting!

This piece is an example of one of my Custom/Bridal pieces.

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Customer Love

Jennifer was wonderful to work with. She was incredibly detail oriented and insightful during every phase of creating a beautiful bespoke engagement ring for my now very happy fiancé. She took much time and care to make sure she understood what I had envisioned and worked closely with me to develop and create a truly beautiful and special piece that we will cherish.


Custom Alternative Engagement Ring