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My Aha! moment

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Artisan Jewellery

I have been asked many times how I came to become a Goldsmith.  This is my 3rd career and it definitely wasn’t achieved in a direct path so I can see why people would ask.  I initially went to school for Marketing and worked at several companies doing Corporate Marketing. This lead to an early career at a Marketing agency which I loved but its a tough industry that requires a lot of hours and at the time not as much financial reward for the personal sacrifice you gave.   I left the Marketing world behind when my youngest son Christian was born.  There was no way for me to balance Motherhood and the Marketing world successfully.  Something had to be sacrificed and for me it wasn’t going to be my children.  Shortly after Christian‘s birth my husband decided to open his own Health & Safety consulting and software company so I helped with that.  I did the books, managed the finances, worked behind the scenes making us fire on all cylinders while still being available for the boys.  It was a great compromise but not personally fulfilling at all.  But that was ok.  Or at least I thought it was.  Fast forward 8 years, my Dad passes away very unexpectedly at the age of 60 from a massive heart attack.   That was my wakeup call; that was my Aha moment.  I was not living the life that I wanted.  I had known it for a while but losing my Dad really brought it back up to the surface and made it very real.  Life is too short to not be doing things you are passionate about.  I knew I wanted to express my creative side and began to dabble in some night school courses and was starting to get very interested in metalsmithing.  I also had the chance to take some lapidary classes.   Once I started perfecting my skills cutting cabochons I knew I wanted to take it further.  I looked up the Georgian College 3 year Jewellery & Metals program and the rest as they say is history.  I was 39 when I went back to school.  39!  It was scary starting over but I’m forever grateful for being a person who doesn’t like to quit.  I am stubborn to my core and being challenged by this incredible program was just what was missing in my life.    Part of me wishes that I would have started this path 20 years ago as there is just so much to learn in this industry and I will never learn it all; but in reality I know it wasn’t the right time.  I know I wouldn’t have had the patience needed to do this right; I started this when I was meant to.    I will never regret that change of course and forever be grateful for that moment of clarity.  My only regret is that my Dad isn’t here to share this with me.  I know he’d be proud of me because I’m proud of me.  I am truly fulfilled and loving every moment of this incredible journey. #findyourwhy #itsnevertoolatetostart  #dowhatyoulovetodo  #cherishyourchapters  #livelifefully