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Quatrefoil Grey Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Nov 16, 2017 | Artisan Earrings, Artisan Jewellery, Materials, Metals, Pearls, Silver, Stones

These are my Quatrefoil Grey Freshwater Pearl Earrings.





When I was in Italy many years ago I was mesmerized by the Architecture. Once I started noticing little details I saw them everywhere. One of my favorites was the Quatrefoil. I didn’t realize that it is a symbol of good luck. I guess that explains why it is incorporated into so many buildings! I have now incorporated that inspiration into some of my pieces. My Quatrefoil Necklaces and earrings featuring big, bold Freshwater pearls in Grey. They’re also available using big beautiful baroque pastels. Simple sophistication!

This piece is part of my Artisan Jewellery Collection.

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