Artisan Collection | Granulated Floral Earrings

$125.00 CAD

These earrings go with everything. They are light, airy and very feminine. One of my go to earrings for day to day. The floral rollerprinted pattern adds a very romantic touch.

Granulation - One of the oldest jewellery design techniques dating back to 2500 BC. Granulation is the ancient technique of fusing small spheres of silver or gold onto a piece of jewellery to form a decorative element without the use of solder. It is an extremely time-consuming, labour intensive process.


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Bliss Jewellery exclusively uses Argentium Silver in all of our jewellery pieces.  Argentium Silver    contains more fine silver than traditional Sterling Silver – 935 vs 925.  Argentium Silver is whiter, brighter, and more tarnish resistant then Sterling Silver.


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