Artisan Earrings | Floral Roller-Printed Earrings With Patina And Peacock Pearl Accent

Artisan Earrings | Round Floral patterned pearl drop earrings

$49.00 CAD

One of our best sellers!  These earrings go with everything!  The patina on the floral pattern gives them such a distinct look.  Accented with peacock freshwater pearls these earrings are light, airy and timeless.

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These are my Artisan Earrings | Oval Romantic Pearl drop earrings from my Artisan Collection.

Bliss Jewellery exclusively uses Argentium Silver in all of our jewellery pieces.  Argentium Silver    contains more fine silver than traditional Sterling Silver – 935 vs 925.  Argentium Silver is whiter, brighter, and more tarnish resistant then Sterling Silver.

Peacock Pearls

Peacock pearls are some of my favorite pearls – you get blue, green, purples all in the same pearl.  Just beautiful!


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