Wedding Ring Workshops

Spend the day making your own wedding rings at Bliss Jewellery!

It really is a unique and special experience to share as a couple, as you shape the rings that represent your bond and love for each other.

We are very privileged to be a part of that and to help you to create the perfect wedding rings for your special day.

Would you like to make your own wedding rings but are a bit worried that you have never done anything like this before? Don’t worry, you don’t need any experience as we will guide you through every step and will be on hand to answer any questions and provide expert guidance.

The whole process is broken down into small steps, which you will follow one step at a time.

All of these steps add up to a finished, heirloom quality wedding ring.

Step 1

To Get Started, Please Fill In & Submit The Form Below

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Step 2

Booking Your Initial Consultation Day

After receiving your form, we will get in touch with you to book your initial consultation.

During this appointment we will:

  • finalize your finger size
  • clarify your wedding ring details
  • confirm the material you will be using
  • prepay for your workshop/materials

It is preferable that you come into the studio for this meeting, but arrangements can also be made to hold our meeting virtually.

Step 3

Confirmation Email

A week before the Wedding ring workshop, we will send you all of the workshop information you need by email.

Step 4

Day Of The Workshop

On the day itself, you just need to turn up at our studio and prepare to enjoy your unique workshop experience.

As part of the experience, once you have completed your rings, we will present you with a bottle of sparkling wine to take away and toast your creative achievements. 


How Much Does It Cost?

Workshop cost is $595 per couple + additional taxes + materials.

What is included in the price?

The materials (not including the Silver or Gold) to make your rings and ring box.. You will have exclusive use of our studio on the day and the dedicated services of our expert jeweller.

How much can I expect to pay for my materials?

The cost of your set will be based on your ring design and metal choices. Typically couples spend between $980-$1,700 on a set of 14k gold bands. Adding stones can bring up the total cost. It is important to me that my clients are able to make informed decisions during the designing process, so please let me know if you have any questions at all.

How do I book a consultation?

Fill in the provided form in Step 1 and make sure to include your wedding date.  Book as soon as possible as workshops can be booked in advance by almost 2 months.

What details do you need to know for us to book?

We can have a discussion over the phone or email, but we will need to know the kind of metal you want to use, what shape ring you wish to make, and your finger sizes but we can help you confirm all of that as part of your initial consultation.

The full balance and design details of the rings you are wanting to make, must be confirmed no later than 3 weeks before you join us. This allows us enough time to make the arrangements with our metal supplier.

What kind of rings can we make?

We can help you make silver rings, gold  – including yellow, white and rose gold in a variety of karats. If you want to have stones set into your ring we can also arrange for that service to be carried out after you have made the basic band – there would be an additional charge for the stones/setting and will require extra time as well.

How long do the rings take to make?

It depends on what style and material you choose but we run our ring-making experience from 10:00am to approximately 4.00pm to give you the best possible amount of time and to make sure you are entirely happy with your rings.

Can we take them straight home?

Yes, unless you are adding stones or engraving which will take longer to complete.

Can I use stones from an old sentimental ring, in my wedding ring?

Yes.  You would need to leave your ring behind so the stones could be set.

How often do you hold the wedding ring workshop experiences?

Contact us to talk about dates and discuss availability options.

An image of a couple holding wedding rings in a box
An image of two finished wedding bands made in our wedding band workshop
An image of a couple holding the wedding rings they just made.
An image of two finished wedding rings from our wedding ring workshop.

My partner Michael and I made our wedding rings with Jenn at Bliss Jewellery, and it was an awesome experience. The rings we made ourselves look amazing and far exceeded my expectations (all thanks to Jenn’s fantastic coaching)! We really enjoyed being able to make our rings together in a private session instead of others where multiple couples join in. Thanks Jenn!

Allie A.

If you require further information about the make your own wedding ring workshops, then please don’t hesitate to include any questions when you fill out our form to get started. 

We’re here to help and would love help you create your rings!

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