Workshops / Courses

Learn to ‘make it yourself’ with a Bliss Jewellery workshop or course!

Here at Bliss Jewellery we offer a selection of classes that will introduce you to the world of metalsmithing.

You can choose to learn or refine your basic metalsmithing skills in our stackable and spinner ring workshops.

Or indulge yourself in a day of learning how to cut your own gemtones!

If you require further information about the workshops or courses I offer, then please don’t hesitate to send me an email.

I’m here to help and would love to teach you!

About Instructor Jennifer Wolfe

Hi! I’m Jennifer Wolfe and I’m the owner and one of the instructors here at Bliss Jewellery.

I’m an experienced goldsmith and I’ve been teaching metalsmithing to students for years.

I’m so excitied to be able to offer our workshops and courses here at Bliss Jewellery’s new studio. It’s in a beautiful old building and all the tools are all set up ready for you to learn how to use.

This is where I create my own pieces so you will see and learn all the behind-the-scenes adventures that go into making your jewellery.

I really look forward to meeting and teaching you!

Each of our workshops are taught in my fully fitted goldsmiths studio.

Class sizes are kept small to ensure you get the indiviudal attention needed to create your masterpieces.

Lets see what we can make together!

Hi! I’m Jennifer

The Studio

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